Student Ministry

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Our mission is directly tied into the church’s greater mission of being rooted in God’s love. This ministry is designed to relationally invest in students living in the greater Campbellsville area for the purpose of Planting the seed of Christ within them, Growing their faith in Him, and aiding them in becoming Rooted in God’s Love.

In a line, we want to help students become Rooted in God’s Love! We do that with 3 different phases of programming.

Planting Phase – FUEL, Wednesday 6:00-7:30 pm

Our goal at FUEL is to introduce students to Christ, each other, and adults who care about them. We also want to challenge students to desire growth in their relationship with Christ. We do this through intentional fun, worship, preaching, and discussion groups that give students the opportunity to be loved and poured into by adults.


Growing Phase – Small Groups, Sunday Evenings

As students begin to recognize that Jesus desires change in their life, we encourage them to get involved in our small groups which are focused on pointing students to deeper faith through the study of God’s Word and community with peer believers. We know that sharing life experience and seeing how God’s Word speaks into our lives is essential for life change, and we feel like the homes we live in are a great environment to do just that. As students grow, we push them to take ownership of their own faith. We have both middle school and high school groups that meet. For information on where groups meet or how to get involved, contact Blake.


Rooted Phase – Sunday School, Sunday 10:00-11:00 a

In many churches across America, there’s a generational gap where students graduating from high school have left the church. We believe that helping students learn how to own their personal faith and feed themselves as a Christian is crucial to bridging this gap. Our age-specific Sunday school classes are designed to help students learn how to feed themselves as Christians and become leaders in their faith communities..

It’s our hope that you would come and see for yourself how students at Campbellsville Christian are becoming Rooted in God’s Word! If you have any questions about how to connect, what we teach, or anything else, please be sure to contact Caleb or the church office!