Student Ministry

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Something getting built over here 🤔 Come find out what at FUEL tonight! 6-7:30!
Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort
Whitewater Rafting on the Cumberland River!
6-7:30 Wednesday!! Meet at church! Boys wear trunks (no speedos 🤢) Girls wear 1-piece or tankini (no bikinis)! Come with a towel and your best diving board moves 🏊‍♀️
On Thursday at Move, we skip lunch at the cafeteria in order to send that money on to support worldwide youth ministry! So we went out to Bub’s Burgers and Handel’s Ice Cream! Elk burgers and such ice cream flavors as “Spouse Like A House” were enjoyed!
We formed a CCC superteam for the soccer and frisbee tournament at CIY! 3rd in soccer, 2nd in frisbee, 1st in the hearts of all.
CIY Move in Anderson, IN is off to a great start!
On our way up to CIY Move we stopped to see a great wonder of the world - One Of The Biggest Chairs In Indiana! Everyone loved it equally and agrees that I’m a great youth leader.

Campbellsville Christian Church Student Ministry exists to empower young people to be rooted in God’s love.

CCC Student Ministry is a place where real friendships grow, where God’s Truth is learned, and where ridiculous things happen with alarming frequency.  We believe that young people can be a powerful force for good in the world as members of the Body of Christ, so we seek to equip and engage them to live as light in a dark world.

Our goal is to get to know Jesus and to become like Him.  We share stories, sing songs, play games, go on road trips and service projects, and make absolute fools of ourselves – and Jesus is at the center of all these things!  It isn’t enough for us just to have a good time.  We want to be transformed.

Our student ministry environments give students a chance to learn about God, to ask hard questions, to be mentored by adults who are dedicated to their growth, and to build up other students around them.  Come check us out!

Sunday Morning Bible Study, 10-11:00 am

In our Sunday Morning Bible Study, we engage deeply with scripture, seeking to learn what God has said and how we can walk His word out in our lives.

Youth Small Groups, Sunday Evenings 6-7:30 pm

We need each other!  Our small groups are a great place to connect tightly with other students and encourage one another in community.  This is the perfect place to come with questions, doubts, hopes, fears, and the million other thoughts that scramble through a Middle/High School brain in a given hour.  We trust that God can handle all these things, so we’re not afraid to get a bit messy.

FUEL, Wednesday 6-7:30 pm

Wednesday nights are a balance of crazy/awkward/embarrassing fun and digging deep into the issues facing teenagers (and the whole world) today.  We want to challenge each other to grow in our relationship with Christ. We do this through intentional fun, worship, teaching, and student-led discussion groups.

Come join us any time!  Please reach out to the office with any questions, or email Caleb at!